Month: November 2017

Our New Blog

Let’s be honest, personal finance can be confusing.  There are taxes, investments, estate planning, and insurance concerns to think about, just to name a few.  Within each of these topics are questions to ask: IRA or ROTH IRA; am I taking the right tax deductions; should I pay off my mortgage before I retire; what is a trust and do I need one; have I saved enough; and the ever dreaded, am I going to run out of money.

On top of all of that there is the economy, the Federal Reserve, geopolitical issues, debt ceilings, and government shut-downs that flash in front of you all day long through all sorts of outlets.  There is no shortage of information available today, but the challenge is filtering down all of this “information” to what matters to you.

The intent of this blog is to introduce you to topics you may not be familiar with and expand your knowledge on topics you already know and would like to learn more about.  I welcome your feedback and questions, because my hope is this blog will spark more conversations about what affects and interests you most.

This blog will take the place of the emails that you occasionally receive from me so that each post is archived in one place for you to revisit and share with friends and family.