About Us

Martin Financial Group was founded in 2001 in a small one room office by Wesley Martin. Wesley had a vision to bring two practices that were once considered separate, financial planning and investment management, and join them into one fully encompassing discipline, Comprehensive Wealth Management.

With one advisor and a single assistant, Martin Financial Group worked to bring independent, objective and unbiased financial advice to all our clients from the beginning. Because of our focus on client centered relationships, Martin Financial Group has blossomed into an office of professionals focused on client service and a desire to provide independent, objective and unbiased Wealth Management solutions to each client.

“The road to financial independence takes time and experience. Let us help you get started on your journey.” – Wesley Martin, Founder

Choosing someone to manage your money isn’t a decision you should rush into, so we encourage you to meet with us in person to determine whether our personalized approach will work well for you. Here are some of the reasons our current clients trust us.

  • We don’t use off-the-shelf investment templates. We believe the best way to manage your assets is to understand your personal situation, your goals for the future and your concerns. That’s why our approach integrates two activities that were once considered separate: investment management and financial planning. And that’s why we don’t make any decisions until we get to know you.
  • We don’t believe in picking hot stocks or in timing the market. We’re not after the big windfall, but sound strategy and realistic growth. We emphasize the importance of markets, not individual companies, and we proactively work to maximize and grow your investment portfolio.
  • Our income comes primarily from a fee based on a percentage of your investable assets; we have no incentive to sell you products you don’t need. With our fee based approach we feel our goals are ethically aligned with yours.