Recruiting Advisers Turning Independent

Wesley Martin, ChFC, CFP® - Benefits of Independence

You don't have to start your own firm to have a say in business decisions. As an adviser with Martin Financial Group, you have the power to conduct business your way and the freedom to take charge of critical decisions affecting your clients and helping them achieve their financial goals. We understand what it takes to succeed as an independent adviser and have the infrastructure and resources ready to get you started.

Being independent offers many benefits including the ability to define the way you want to manage your business. Martin Financial Group enables you to do business in the way that makes the most sense for you so that you can achieve your financial goals, best leverages your skills, and represent the greatest opportunity for growth in your market. Becoming part of our team allows you the freedom to make all the critical decisions for your practice; you decide what is best for your clients with the advice, investments, and services you determine are most appropriate.


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Job Title: Lead Adviser
Job Description:  Martin Financial Group is seeking a Lead Financial Adviser or Adviser Team(s) with an established book of business who is looking to join a strong team of advisers and support staff to better serve their clients and growth their business. (see more)  
Job Title:  Tax Planner  
Job Description:  Martin Financial Group a Wealth Management firm located in Southern Indiana and opening an office in Louisville that is seeking a dynamic professional with 2-4+ years of tax experience. (see more)  

Ryan Eatherly, CFP® - Advantages of Independence with Martin Financial

As an independent adviser joining our team at Martin Financial, you are afforded many benefits:
  • Reduced costs - leverage our infrastructure to accelerate your transition
  • Open architecture - our investment platform is free from proprietary products & quotas
  • Choice - you grow your practice in your area of expertise
  • Access - shared knowledge of portfolio management, estate, tax & financial planning
  • Compensation - work hard and reap more of the reward
And for your clients:
  • Confidence - greater objectivity & quality of advice received
  • Communication - More "face time" and access to their adviser
  • Concerns - ethical & financial concerns about firm or corporate parent are eliminated
  • Commitment - confidence in adviser's long-term dedication to them
  • Transparency - appropriately priced services & cost effective fees are disclosed
Brittany Duran - Compliance as your partner

Being independent with Martin Financial Group doesn't mean you're "going it alone" or that regulatory compliance is your adversary. Our compliance team is your ethics partner helping you with the complexities of operating your own practice. We support your advertising campaigns, website, e-mail, and social media efforts while helping you compete, succeed & grow your practice

With Martin Financial you work as a fiduciary, always acting in your clients' best interest. We will provide a reliable compass as you navigate the regulatory landscape. As your compliance partner we can help you make the move as an independent so you are better able to serve your clients; like no other adviser. You will have hands-on guidance, support, and protection of a compliance staff that understands the complexities and responsibilities of being an independent investment adviser.

If you are ready to take control of your future, this is a good time to consider a change. We welcome your questions and interest in the Martin Financial Group team, give us a call.