401(k) and Business Retirement Services

In addition to helping individual clients with retirement planning, we also assist successful business owners and professionals with retirement plan solutions. Our goal at Martin Financial Group is to make your organization’s retirement plan more effective, efficient, and align with your organization’s overall objectives. If you do not have a retirement plan in place currently, we can work with you to put one in place.

  • Work with an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary investment manager

Reduce trustee liability, since those in that position are personally liable for the investment choices and their monitoring. Only an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary allows trustees to delegate that responsibility. Martin Financial Group can act as a 3(38) on your 401k plan. Under ERISA it states you must act as a prudent expert and if you can’t, you should rely on one. Click here to learn more about Fiduciary Services and how Martin Financial Group can help.

  • Provide prudent portfolios

Giving employees a bunch of funds and telling them to invest for retirement doesn’t work very well. We also know it can be a daunting task to determine investment options, for your employer-sponsored retirement plan. We work with you the plan sponsor to design a lineup that is specific your plan (based on risk preference) for employees.

  • Optimize Plan Design

Designing a retirement plan for your business based on what your business is trying to accomplish is important: reduced liability and more deferrals for owners, better retirements for employees, recruiting and employee retention, and more. We work with you to structure a plan design that optimizes your goals.

  • Vendor Selection

We have no conflicts of interest in using any certain recordkeeper, third party administrator, or fund family. This is important because we can help you evaluate and discover what your business finds important in a provider. Different vendors have different strengths such as technology, ease of use, ease of administration, fee structure, and expected service levels.

  • Insist on fee transparency

Recent lawsuits against plan sponsors have been based on making employees pay too much for their retirement plan. It’s important to see the fees today, and what they will be five years from now as money in the plan grows. We provide a transparent platform where all fees can be seen and minimized. We have the knowledge to help align vendors based on your specific business objectives. We also review your current plan, and benchmark moving forward as you a client.

  • Importance of the Participant 

At Martin Financial Group we deliver comprehensive employee retirement planning services, group education meetings, individual retirement counseling, and can help the company develop and execute a financial wellness and education program. Companies have a vested interest in promoting financial wellness initiatives within, because financial wellness is also linked to higher worker productivity, reduced absenteeism on the job, and reduced health care costs.

We currently work with businesses in the Louisville, Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and surrounding regions to provide fiduciary and independent investment advisory services to plans of every size, large or small. Contact us here.