Get to Know Us

Wes Martin and Ryan, Principals of Martin Financial Group

About Us

Martin Financial Group

Located in the heartland of America, Martin Financial Group was founded on the traditional values of integrity, objectivity and hard work, matched with a commitment to staying in tune with the continually changing investment environment.

We believe planning your financial future is about more than just picking stocks or funds. It's a complex and personal business based on your individual situation, needs, and goals. Our aim is to grow your assets over time while minimizing risks, and helping you achieve your key financial milestones.

Our Commitment

Allowing someone into your financial life is an act of trust. At Martin Financial Group, we pledge to earn your trust, and continue to earn it day after day and year after year. That's why we make this promise:

  • To always act only in your best interest
  • To always listen to your needs, questions, & concerns
  • To always be helpful as your various financial needs change
  • To always be truthful, objective & unbiased.